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What is Youth Tourism

Out of the Total Tourists traveling throughout the world young students represent a significant number. Young people represent 20% of all international tourism thus making it a rapidly growing segment of the travel industry. These young travelers, probably known as backpackers are often on a controlled budget. Youth travelers obviously does not occupy star hotels for board & lodging, but they enjoy mostly in home stays, youth hostels, cheap hotels or lodges or camping sites which are organized throughout the world as a network.

Youth tourism makes sense as an expression of the adolescent drive to expand the “region of free movement”. The widening of the “life space” in youth tourism involves not only hither to unknown geographical areas but also unknown, strange social situations, such as various religious ethnic communities.

Youth Tourism as an industry

Youth Tourism is a rapidly growing segment of the travel industry throughout the world. Youth tourism refers to young travelers between age group of 15 – 30 years. Youth tourism accounts for an estimated significant turnover of billions of dollars for organizations involved in the industry.

Involvement in youth tourism industry by organizations is a benefit for the young travellers as well as the organizations. As this becomes a business the organizers tend to provide much enthusiastic, exciting packages for the customers for a reasonably low budget.

Youth Hostels

Youth hostels are great places to meet people of different profiles and to travel on a low budget. Book a bed for your night and cook with friends of different parts of the world whom you’ve never met before. There is a network of youth hostels and houses throughout sri lanka as well as throughout the world interconnected to each other.

Youth hostels are also excellent places to meet people, as everyone there is a traveler, anxious to meet people just like you. It is not only interesting but also very useful to be able to exchange tips and information on swap experiences with other people.

Purpose & aims of Youth Tourism

The life space of a youth typically includes two large regions, with strong adult control: family & school /college. Areas with a greater amount of free movement are the overlapping regions of leisure activities and peer group of life. Aims to promote youth mobility is to broaden the horizons of young people, through travel, language acquisition, family living, cultural & social tourism and other opportunities they experience for personal growth.

Purpose of introducing youth tourism as a separate segment is also because those young travellers have special needs and expectations and are often on a limited budget.

Activities & Benefits of Youth Traveling with Amasa Voyages

Amasa Voyages is a very much experienced reputed tour organizing company involved in tourist traffic control since 1991. We are the pioneers in Sri Lanka to identify the needs and expectations of young travellers and to implement youth tourism as a new segment of the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

Amasa Voyages (then Community Tours), have recognized through careful investigations that young travelers have special requirements and expectations of their own, and are often on a limited budget. Our members are dedicated to provide innovative high quality services at affordable prices.

Amasa Voyages (then Community Tours), has become a leading decision maker an one of the most influential organizations in the youth and student travel industry in Sri Lanka. We facilitate access to travel, accommodation, culture & leisure for young travellers.

Young travelers touring with Amasa Voyages has special benefits from our Vacation Protection Plan for Youth (VPP for Youth) specially planned for you. You will be insured for many injuries, illnesses & robberies caused during the period you stay in Sri Lanka with us.

Plus the VPP for Youth allows you to cancel your vacation package upto 05 days prior to the day of commence of the tour programme.

Travel Packages for Youth

For Indian Undergraduate & Postgraduate students – Edu Tours in Sri Lanka

Travel in India for Sri Lankan Students

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